February 25, 2003

See Katherine

Pictures of our little girl are now online.

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Ultrasound 2

We had the ultrasound yesterday, and the verdict is in. The technician was 80-90% sure we have a little girl! Little Katherine is about 13 ounces right now, and I'll get pictures and everything up later today.

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February 17, 2003

Relaxed and Refreshed

We got a lot of relaxing time at Camp Meriwether while campmastering. A nice walk around for some exercise, quite a few games with eachother (The Settlers of Catan Card game which we borrowed from Mike, and Phase 10), and a Luau hosted by 162 on the beach interrupted by a sudden rainstorm, but it was good food!)

Camp was beautiful, and the weather was wonderful all day long. It poured both nights - which was really nice because the duplex has a metal roof.

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February 14, 2003


Heading out to Camp Meriwether this weekend for campmastering. We're hoping to get some good relaxing in, and a bunch of studying.

I've been avoiding writing political commentary on this page, for various reasons. I'm going to continue with that because I don't want to turn the comments area into a free-for-all arguing about geopolitics.

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February 05, 2003


So, last night I was feeling Michelle's tummy, and it was harder on the right side than the left, as I was feeling the hard spot, it moved! It was the baby! Rejoice! I was (and still am) very excited by this.

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