January 30, 2004

Memories, nothing more than... memories

So, I was reading Today's Penny Arcade this morning. Way back when I was a lowly freshman (we had to walk uphill to school back then, both ways! Little youngins, er, getting off track).

Anyway, back when I was young, I actually did climb the walls in the dorms here at U of O. I could get all the way up against the ceiling. Of course, now I'm a calm, sober father who would never do such a thing at home (because Michelle would catch me).

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January 22, 2004


I've added Kelley's new website on the left there.

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So, Kelley just wrote a post about food, which comes after I've been doing reading about food, hearing about food, and talking to Michelle about food. Now, what does all of this lead us to? Changes in the way Michelle and I eat.

You see, Michelle's learned a lot about the food we eat, and what it means for us. So, we're purchasing different (and more expensive, unfortunately) food. We started with organic baby food for Katherine. Then organic milk, fruits, and vegetables for us and Katherine's baby food (which we're making at home now). Then, when Katherine started meats, we got grain-fed, no antibiotic lamb for her.

We also realized that one of the things that is causing some, er, issues for me is wheat. I think I'm gluten-sensitive, after having cut back on wheat recently. We've been buying some really good spelt tortillas, and spouted-grain breads (like Ezekiel Bread).

Now, while we're not all-natural eaters (I still like my Diet Coke ®), we're working on having healthier eating habits for both of us, and for our family.

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January 12, 2004


She said DADA!!!!!

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